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** This project is currently in development. The demo is expected to be released in 2019. **

Princess Cybil of Lyndith enjoys being royalty; after all, nobody denies the heir to the throne what she wants, when she wants it. Unfortunately, her lavish lifestyle is ripped away from her the day that Cassius Dromir, an enigmatic cult leader, uses an ancient spell to transport the Lyndish capital to an alternate plane of reality!

Having escaped the spell, Cybil is left behind in the real world, where life goes on as if Lyndith had never been founded. Now she must do whatever it takes to restore her kingdom without invoking her royal status. Good thing she gets help from the savvy and sarcastic blacksmith Vera, who seems to know Dromir – and wants him dead.

If only sharing a mutual goal of taking him down meant that these two could get along…

Jubilee Royale is a fantasy/romance turn-based RPG about a princess's quest to save her kingdom.


  • Heavy focus on characterization, especially the eight party members. They all have their own hopes, dreams, flaws, fears, secrets, and quirks, and will emerge from their quest to save Lyndith as a different person than they were when they started.
  • Original artwork and character sprites, plus a custom GUI.
  • Strategic, turn-based enemy encounters that are fewer in number, but tougher to win.
  • A unique Team Technique system. As party members begin to bond, they can gain access to stronger co-op attacks that combine their strengths. The downside is that all characters involved will be occupied for that turn, so they won't be able to use any solo moves. Think carefully about whether or not it's worth giving up multiple characters' moves for that turn to unleash a powerful attack!
  • Equipment and potion crafting courtesy of the blacksmith and wizard party members.
  • Downtime conversation system, which allows the player to view a conversation between two characters, giving you greater insight into their relationship at that point in the story.
  • Partial voice acting! Audition timeline TBA. Roles will be paid!


For even more character profiles, please visit Opal Starlight's website.


Jubilee Royale is rated Older Teen (16+). It contains blood, fantasy violence, strong language, sexual humour, alcohol use, and heavy themes. While it overall leans a bit more toward comedy than drama, there are a few disturbing segments that might not be suitable for younger players.


Please visit my website for an up-to-date credits list for the game!

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