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Hey! I am really sorry for just jumping into the comment section and repeat what every other person said, but I really wanted to say that this demo is awesome (already!) and that I totally fell in love with Toa and Jett. I totally did! I am so excited for the complete game, I even jumped through our flat and just HAD to write the release date in our calendar. :D Anyways, thanks for making this gmae. Have a nice day! :)


Please don't apologize for leaving such a wonderful comment! I can't believe somebody put my release date in their calendar. I'm totally stunned (in a good way!) from reading that. Really, that's so flattering for me as a creator. Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you enjoy the full version of the game when it comes out! :)

Aw this game looks so cute... by any chance when the full thing is released will it be avaliable for mac users?

Thank you! I'm very sorry, but unfortunately I can't publish a Mac-compatible version due to the limitations of the game engine I've used. I'm pretty sure there are ways to run RPG Maker VX Ace games on Mac if you Google around, but I'm a Windows user, so I can't give any direct advice on that myself. (Maybe this tutorial will work? I haven't tested it, though.) Once again, I'm sorry about this. :(

what's the code for the lunch box I can't solve it!! xD

Hi there! Do you mean the lockbox with the gun in it? If you want to try solving it by yourself one more time, I'd recommend paying close attention to what Jett says when he investigates each clue - there may be more hints hidden in his dialogue. :)

If you've given up, the answer is right here. (I've popped the answer in a link so that no one will scroll down this page and accidentally see it if they want to solve the puzzle themselves!)

ok, thank u so much I am realy bad at pussels

No worries! That one's pretty tough...I definitely screwed up by making the first puzzle one of the hardest ones, haha.


attempted fanart of toa and jett

thank you ily

I loved this when I saw it on Tumblr and I still love it now!! SO CUTE!!! <3 Thank you for drawing this and for playing! (ILY TOO)

oh shoot i forgot i sent it to you on tumblr xD well keep up the gr8 wrk. I'm also looking forward to your other game, Jubilee Royale. The idea of a linear storyline with interesting choices is fascinating to me.

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Well, I'm glad you posted it here too so that others can see it!! :) Thanks so much - I'm happy that you're excited for JR too! Writing a minor story branch here and there is fun, even in a linear game, so that's why I decided to do it, haha.


Hey! It's me again! While waiting for the game, I did a quick fanart of Toa! Feel free to repost it if you want!

Hope you like it ^^


AAAFGJHFJDG IT'S AMAZING!! I LOVE IT! Thank you so, so much for this beautiful drawing. You're really talented. <3 I'll absolutely share this on Twitter and Tumblr! (With credits, of course!)


Really love these characters so far. Looking forward to the full version!

Thank you!! I'm glad to hear it

I love this game so much when will the full version come out!!?

i must know!!!!!!!!! (^-^

Thank you so much!! I am hoping to have it finished sometime this fall. :)

I don't usually expect much from RPG Maker games, but I really enjoyed the short time I got from this one! Honestly, though I knew this was made for the Yaoi game jam, I completely forgot about that as I was playing. Jett is just a normal guy who's a little brash and messy, being gay isn't his defining character trait or anything. When the moment came up in which Irene says "...that's why you don't have a boyfriend," I had to stop for a second. it made me think how great it would've been to have a game like this growing up. I really hope you'll continue work on this, and I look forward to playing a full version one day. :D

Also, I think I relate to Toa on so many levels. Life just takes so much energy. Haha.

It's good to hear that my game exceeded your expectations! :) Yeah, that's something I strive for when writing LGBT characters. A character's sexuality is certainly a part of them, but it doesn't have to be their sole defining trait. I personally want to see more LGBT characters starring in fun genre works where the plot has little to do with their sexuality, just like straight characters get to, which was a motivating factor for me to make this game.

Work on this project is continuing and I hope to have the full version completed sometime this fall! LOL, I get that. Sometimes you just need a nap...or fifty...

I've just played the demo of this game, and I fell so utterly in love with the characters, the art and the story! It was so endearing and nice - I just can't wait to get my hands on the full release.

You really made my day with this short little demo - thank you for creating such a precious game!

Oh and, if I may ask, will the full release include features like battles? Not that it feels like it's really needed, I'm mostly asking out of curiosity.

Wow, thank you for this lovely comment!! It's so nice to know that my game made somebody else happy! That's all I can really ask for as a dev. :')

Nah, the full release won't have any combat elements. I am working on another RPG Maker project that does, though!

That's okay, I was just curious after all!

Oh by the way, do you have any idea about the date for the full release?

Not yet. I'll post it on my Twitter, Tumblr, and Wordpress (all linked on my profile) when I do!

Thank you! I'll be sure to check there!

This is so cute, the full game is gonna be awesome I can already tell

Thank you!! :) I really appreciate your support!

I adored this game!! Really fun and I love the dialogue between Jett and Toa <3 really looking forward to the release of the full version, and seeing more relationship development and interesting gameplay! I liked that the strategy parts of the game weren't impossible, but a few of them stumped me for a while and really got me thinking. I also love the art and the colour palettes in this game! Thank you so much for making this, Four Eyes makes me very happy :-)

Well, thank you so much for leaving this comment! You put a smile on my face!! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself. <3

Hi there again. Sorry to disturb you but I have good news! A viewer of the game would like to know when the full game is gonna come out. They must have enjoyed it as much as I did because they are interested. :) Do you have a rough estimate? Thanks :)

Hey there! No need to apologize at all. :) I'm happy to hear that someone else is interested! The full version should come out sometime this fall. I'm trying for a September release, but it all depends on how much schoolwork I have to do, as I'm heading into my fourth year of my undergrad.

HI there! I really enjoyed your game and I have put gameplay of it on YouTube. I like how the character development is and it's a good mixture of sci fi and puzzle. 10/10 :)

Four Eyes DEMO Part 1

Four Eyes DEMO Part 2 [ENDING]

Thank you so much for your Let's Play! I had a lot of fun watching it and I'm so happy that you enjoyed the game! <3

I'm totally hooked on this! It's so sweet and an amazing display of how rpg games should be made! Suspense, character building and story is all in perfect proportion, which can be very difficult when creating an RPG game.

This is by far one of the best games I've ever played.

Oh my god, really?? That's extremely flattering! Thank you! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the game so much!! :')))

It took me a little while to start really enjoying the game, but by the end of the demo I was HOOKED. I especially liked watching how the relationship between Jett and Toa developed over time. What a cute sleepy alien! Also, the puzzles were interesting without being frustrating, and the music is excellent!

Yay, thanks a bunch!! :) It does have a bit of a slow start, but I'm glad you enjoyed it in the end, and that you thought Toa was cute! It's good to hear that the puzzles weren't frustrating, either. I didn't do the music myself, but I'm happy that you enjoyed the tracks I picked out! I appreciate you leaving your feedback.

We really liked it! Can't wait for the full version and see how it ends. We love the characters xD

Yay, thanks so much!! I appreciate your encouragement! <3

Okay, that was adorable. I really enjoy the game mechanics and the puzzles aren't ridiculously challenging, but some of them do make you think (in particular the puzzle with half the bridge raised)

this is a really fantastic start, I'm excited for the full game and seeing more interactions between those three!

Thanks very much!! I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself and you're looking forward to the full version! :) I acknowledge that my puzzles are definitely on the simpler side - this was my first time designing them, so it was quite a learning curve, haha.

This was SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg. I loved how energetic Jett was and how his character played off of Toa's and Irene's (BOTH GREAT CHARACTERS OMG I LOVED EVERYONE IN THIS). I am seriously seriously looking forward to the full version of this I GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! OMG.

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Yay, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks so much for leaving feedback! :

I Let's Played this thing and loved every moment -- and that's just the demo. :'D I'll be sure to do a complete video as soon as the full game comes out!

Thanks again so much for doing the LP!! I'll look forward to seeing the full one when the game is complete!

I'm really excited for this just from the look of it and have to hold back for when the full version comes out! <3 How exciting!


Thank you so much!! I'll try to finish the full version as soon as I can! 😊

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