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This game was very sweet, and I am considering playing again just to really dive back into the story again for my own enjoyment. Thank you for such an amazing game. 


Ahh yay!! I will watch your video soon! Thank you so much for playing <3

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I just played this again after some years now (I actually went to where I originally found it and thought it was lost when I couldn't find it there until I found it again here largely by mistake). It was truly a delight to play it again.

I had never even known about the secret route until I read the guide, and it was a delight to get it this time. Additionally, while getting it, I noticed just how many lines there are for calling Irene on the communicator, which was fantastic (seriously, even for little ones like before vs. after getting the alokite to put in the battery-making device).

... also, I literally always thought alokite was spelled alkolite and it's funny to me that I've been wrong about that for literally years.

Anyways, it was a delight to play it again, I look forward to anything else you make in the future.

Thank you so much for coming back to my game! It really does make me so happy to read comments like this. I'm glad it left enough of an impression that anyone would seek it out again. <3

I played this game a few years ago and seeing it again brought back all the good memories that came with it<3 I replayed it and it hit even harder than before, I truly love this game with my whole heart and maybe if you feel like it would you be willing to do a little spin-off with just the boys and their little adventures? It doesn't have to be long, even just a couple minutes would make my heart happy ♥ 

I'm so sorry for the extraordinarily late reply, and thank you so much for playing my little game! TBH I have been feeling so creatively burnt out lately, and I wonder if revisiting these boys might help. I will definitely consider your request, because I did have a blast making Four Eyes. :)

Came back years later and found that I didn't comment???

This game is really fun, really. I first downloaded it thinking it'd be like the random RM games, short and simple with easy puzzles- but I happily found that I was wrong. This is a perfect combination of puzzle and romance (by this I mean perfect puzzles and perfect romance), I've been looking for something like this for years. Like, interesting puzzles and yaoi, even a teeny bit of BL content will do, or a BL game with however easy puzzles. But this game? It truly has far exceeded my expectations. Great work, I have to say.

(ps: can you tell me which one of RPG Maker did you use to make this game? cuz I really want to translate your game into Chinese, but I only have RMMV at hand.)

You're so sweet to come back and leave this comment! Thank you so so much! <3
The game was developed in RPG Maker VX Ace. By all means, feel free to translate it into Chinese! I'm flattered that you want to.

Thanks for answering xD I just really love your game. I'll download VX Ace then...guess it can't be too different from MV, haha. And thanks for letting me translate it! In that case, could you give me your Email? I'll send you a website to send the game files to me...the thing that Chinese can't use google drive (and many other things :( ) is always a pain.

Sorry for the late response! You can email me at whiona [at] opalstarlight [dot] games


sometime i become dumb so i need to watch youtube to play


Fantastic game! Cheesy in a good way, and far more comprehensive than I thought it'd be with some decent little puzzles. It was the perfect length, and I enjoyed the main ending! Going to get the secret when I have a chance (now that I've looked at the guide and know I can play it in fullscreen). The characters grew on me fast, too! Very wholesome all around. Low-stress. Interesting worldbuilding. Thank you for creating and sharing this!


"Cheesy in a good way" is what I'm going for!! ;) So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for playing!

This game is so underrated. I absolutely loved it! This game had  wonderful pacing, a beautiful artstyle and a satisfying ending. Well done!

Thank you so much for this comment!! You really brightened my day <3

I really enjoyed it! I love how the characters are written. They are very likeable and play off of each other very well.  Lovely bust art and map design as well. The game took me about 2 hours to complete and it was a wholesome enjoyable adventure.  The story progresses the relationship of the protagonists in a nicely paced  manner and you cannot help but root for them by the end. Thank you for making this lovely game. :)

Thank YOU for playing and for leaving a sweet message!! I’m so glad you enjoyed your time with it!



Glad you enjoyed it!!


I really loved this game, was so original and amazing. Can't describe it exactly in words. <3

Thanks for playing! I’m so happy you felt that way 🥰🥰

I at first downloaded this for free because I'm stingy, but after playing through the main story, I found myself really enjoying it! The game made me chuckle on parts, and the story was so damn heartwarming. The length of the game, while rather short, was still a pretty reasonable length I think. The puzzles weren't so challenging that they were all impossible, but whenever I would solve a puzzle by myself I would feel quite proud. But with that said, the guide was definitely a good addition because there were still some puzzles that I had no idea how to solve. I ended up deleting the game from my computer and buying it this time because I really don't think it deserves to be downloaded for free.

Now all I have left to do is go through the secret route and see what happens!

Nice job, you made a good game!

THIS IS SUCH A SWEET COMMENT! Thank you so much for playing and for your very generous donation <3 <3 I'm just happy you enjoyed it so much!

I ended up doing a Let's Play of this at the prompting of another friend. Really enjoy this story and this world that you created. I feel like it's hard to find LGBT RPGmaker games, so it's always awesome when something like this comes along. Even if I'm like, four years too late lol

Awesome, thanks so much for Let's Playing! I'll check out your video once I get the chance :)


If I had to sum up my reaction to this game, it would probably be keyboard smashing, which I will spare you from. This was great!! The characters are all interesting and unique, and the humor was delightful.

AWW THANK YOU!! Key smashes are always welcome though! ;) I appreciate you playing and leaving a comment <3

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Great, I really liked the story, the puzzles and the romance, the characters are so captivating, it was really an adventure.

Super glad to hear it!! Thank you for playing! :)

I love it! I played about 30 mins, will continue in future promise.

Thanks so much for playing, and I'm so happy you're enjoying it so far! I'll watch your LP soon -- I find it really fun to see how folks react to my games. :)


Hi! it's me again, I finished drawing a fan art of your game but for some reason I can't upload it here ^^;;;... anyways if you'd like to see it I have the link here :), I hope it works ^^;

AHHHHH!!! THIS IS SO CUTE! I love it, love it, love it! Your shading style is really beautiful, and I think you captured their dynamic perfectly!!! <3 Thank you for your gorgeous work!

Aww don't mention it >w<!!  I'm really glad you liked it and it makes you happy :) ^^!! 

Gorgeous game!! Space and aliens really butter my biscuits. I watched a good friend of mine play this a while back and I decided to replay it a couple of hours ago by myself, and I've realised how enchanting the music when Toa and Jett look up at the stars together is (the scenery of the night sky is also wonderfully magical, might I add). So I was wondering, is there anywhere I could listen to the soundtrack? 

Adorably entertaining game. I'm looking forward to more of your stuff!

This comment is so sweet!!! Thank you so much for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much! That brings a smile to my face. <3

That scene was my absolute favourite to write, so I'm happy to hear it made an impact on you. I made those stars myself in Photoshop, so thanks!! I didn't compose the OST, so I don't think I can legally reupload it anywhere, but the track is called Dreaming in Blue by Quigon if you'd like to search for it yourself.

Excellent, thank you!! (Sorry for the late response!) I will certainly scour the internet for it. 

Also you are very welcome! Certainly, you have a lot of talent. Reading your reply warmed my heart a bit, haha! A lot of games aren't achieving their full potential because the creators are more concerned with money, so I can very much appreciate when I see someone pouring their heart into the little world they came up with in their head. Pretty inspiring. Your creation here is also what I think must've inspired a little world of my own I came up with in my head, so thanks again. 

This is so incredibly sweet of you to say!!!!??? Ahh, thank you! It’s such a huge compliment to know that I might’ve inspired other people :’) Really, thanks so much!

Yeah, I’m lucky enough to be in a steady full-time job, so I just make games for fun as a passion project. I just like making up characters and worlds to play around in. I think that gives me more artistic freedom because I don’t have to worry about whether it’s “marketable,” if you know what I mean. But at the same time, that also means I have less time to work on my creative stuff. I do really like my day job, though, so I’m happy. I totally respect the folks who are hustling in the games industry and trying to make a career of it! I just couldn’t handle that intensity lol...I’m cool with making little stories like this on the side. 

You’re welcome!! That’s something I hope to achieve. My brother and I have been speculating ideas for a game we wanted to create together, and we agreed that if we are able to inspire and/or leave an impression on people through it then that’s a huge accomplishment to be proud of. So yeah, I respect when games can do that and actually mean something to me, like yours.

Also, yes, I totally get what you are saying! The most important thing is that you’re happy with what you do and your life in general anyway. Of course just because a game is made at least mostly for profit doesn’t mean it’s bad and I very much respect those in that field, but it’s just so nice to see someone doing what they’re doing just because they want to. A game doesn’t need a bunch of fancy graphics and loads of functions, or even a lot of characters, to be ‘good’. Sometimes the simplest games are the best ones. 

Hey, best of luck to you and your brother! If you ever do end up making a game, you should totally link me. :) And once again, thank you so much.

I agree with that too! It's not the resources that make the game, it's the love and care put into it. Some of the best games I've ever played are indie affairs made by people who just love what they're doing. They inspire me to work harder!

I just finished the game and omg it's amazing :D, I loved the story and the game itself ^w^! really beautiful work :)!!

Thank you!!! <3 So glad you enjoyed it!

Don't mention it :D! ^^! also, if you don't mind may I draw some fan art someday...? I really liked the game and the characters :)

Of course!!! I absolutely love receiving fanart! <333

Ohh, glad to hear so :D, then I'll draw something soon ^w^ :D

I can't get the game to work. I can't click play, it won't let me ^^'

Hi there! The game uses keyboard controls, not the mouse, so clicking won't get it to start. Here are the controls for you!

z - select, advance text
x - cancel, open/close menu
s - switch characters
arrow keys - move character or cursor
shift - hold down to run or skip through text
F5 - fullscreen

So far this is super cute but I messed up on one of the rock puzzles and can't pass through or move the rocks

Hey there! If you leave the area and come back, the puzzle should reset. 

Thanks, idk why i didn't try this before. Great game

No worries, and I'm glad you're having fun! :)

Aah this is soo cute! I love how the relationship between Toa and Jett developed >w< It's amazing <3

Thank you so much!! Happy you enjoyed the game <3

Np! <3

Hey, I just discovered and played through this game, it's so cute and i can't help being super jealous when I look at how Toa and Jett interact with one another (I, too, want a gay wholesome romance like this). i really dig your art style too and the story is pretty cool. I might do a let's play of this (though my commentary is pretty boring usually lmao) and I look forward to seeing other games from you ^^

I'm super happy you enjoyed yourself!! <3 (Even if it made you a little jealous, LOL.) Thanks so much for leaving a comment, and please do show me if you ever make that Let's Play!

Hi there! I just recently discovered this game. It's so cute! (ꈍᴗꈍ) I'd love to get my hands on a cover image so I can add the game to my game launcher/collection/database thing. Would you happen to have a portrait version of the banner image above? Or a text-less version and separate png logo? TYSM in advance!

Hey there!! Thank you for your interest in my game! <3 I don't have a portrait version of that banner image but I can certainly supply you with the text-free version and the logo! Here you go:

Banner image


TYSM! ^_^

Good evening,

So... I started a 'let's play' of this game. I know it didn't just come out,  but I needed a game to play for my first game vid? and yours looked really fun and cute! I hope I did alright lol

Awesome!! Thank you so much for LPing the game - it's always appreciated. :)

How should I say this?...

A beautiful story, with a great art, some fine characters, and lots of funny and cute moments... The best game of this style I've played so far. 

Four Eyes is an incredible game. Thank you for creating this.

But one final question... Almost at the end, I took an empty glass bottle, and I didn't use that at all. Did that have any purpose? (I'm just curious 'bout that lol)

Anyway, I love this game. 

Ahh, you're very kind!! Thank you so much! I'm honoured that you felt that way about my game. :) 

The glass bottle did have a purpose! Perhaps I could've made it clearer, but that part was removed from your inventory toward the end to make a battery. (Unless you somehow found a glitchy workaround? LOL)

Ahh I loved this game so much! The art was very nice and the puzzles made you think a bit but weren't too challenging. The best part, though, was the story! It was so sweet and I enjoyed every bit of it! Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this game! 

I'll definitley keep an eye out for your next game, and I wish you luck on all of your future projects! ♥

This is such an incredibly sweet comment! Thank you so much for your kind words and your support. <3 I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself!

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I played this and I have to say I was not Disappointed I love the Plot, the characters and the humor! I have to admit I got stuck on the first puzzle but I ended up solving it eventually (totally didn't have to watch someone play it first*cough cough*) I really hope you have plans for another game as good as this in the future! 

Thank you so much for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! :) I will definitely be making more games in the future!


I'm excited for the next game!!!

Ahhh, I would really love to play this game, but my pc is broken and I only have a mac, will you have a mac version at anypoint? 

(Not to rush you, and I'm sorry if this comes off as rude, I just love the art style, and I'd like to see what it's like!)

That doesn't come across as rude at all! :) Unfortunately, I am unable to publish a Mac version of the game (it's an engine limitation), but there are supposedly workarounds. I haven't personally tested this one, but it may be worth a shot! Otherwise, you'll just have to Google around for ways to play RPG Maker VX Ace games on Mac. I'm very sorry about this!

Not at all! Thank you for the advice for the meantime though!


You have no idea how hard this game pulled my heartstrings

As a writer, that's exactly what I wanna hear! Thanks for playing! :)

Also, Opal, I hope you don't mind me asking but how did you make the little sprite characters?

I don't mind at all! I sprited them from scratch in and Photoshop. I made myself a character sprite base for RPG Maker games and basically added details on top of that.

Woah!!! That must be hard!

Ummm... I wanted to make my own game using RPG Maker Ace... But the problem is that the sprites they provide aren't accurate to what I need... Is it okay if you send me a base for you sprites? If thats ok?

That game is so amazing, the character development is so well made, and I feel the love between them like I'm in part of it, the whole game I was with a silly face in love with everything, even on the puzzles that I got stuck on. I love it. But also can you give the permission to translate this to portuguese?

Thank you so much!! Your kind words mean a lot to me! And yes, feel free to translate the game into any language you wish. :)

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You're welcome! Can you tell me which font you used for the title? And if you have, this photo without the text for translation?

The font is called Shumi! You can download it for free here. And here's the text-free image for you!

Are there plans for a mac download?

Unfortunately, no. It's a limitation of the game engine I'm using. Sorry!


Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if you could give me permission to translate your game into Spanish. If you do not mind, of course

PD: Great game! I love it ^_^


Sure!! Go for it! And thanks very much. <3 Let me know if there's anything specific you need me to do, like files I would need to send, etc.


Thanks! :D

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This game is phenomenal. I was on the verge of tears more than once.  Gameplay was not too complicated but still challenging in a fun way, it was relaxing and chill. It worked smooth and it was rlly enjoyable, like i wasn't bored at all, and the layout was nice! And ohmygod, the story! the characters! i love it so much. Perfect mix of actual adventure gameplay and story. Let me get back to the characters, wow they didnt fall flat at all! Even Irene, while not being part of the main lovely duo was fleshed out and lovable! I got rlly into the story and basically had alot of feelings and i could tell lots of heart was put into this game It was cheesy in the best way. AHH this review is soooo messy im sorry but i love this game! i wish it was more popular so i could find a community online who loves it too! Also the text was well written and cute, sounded pretty natural and i loved how every little side character u interact with also has smth to say.

So do i recommend? YESSSSSSS

Thanks for the experience >u<


AHH MAN, this whole post is incredibly sweet!!! Thank you so much for all of your kind words! <3 <3 I really do love cheesy love stories so I had a blast making this ahaha...I'm so, so happy to know that you enjoyed it, and that you got into the characters. Have a fantastic day!! o/ if there ever were some kind of fan community I think I'd die of happiness lol ;;


Defeated this game for a second time and I still loved it! I am a huge fan of romance and not only was this game funny and entertaining, but it made my heart throb! The romance was so good and the characters are great (My favorite character was Toa; though I wish I could have more story to the 3 characters.)  I hope you can make more games (or make this a series because I will play it no questions asked.)

This is some of my favorite RPG games! I have yet to find someone who can math your style! Keep up the good work! <3

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Thank you so, so much for this lovely comment!!! Reading it made me smile. <3 I will absolutely make more games in the future, so please keep an eye out!

Lovely Game!

Thank you!! :)

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I just finished the game and love it so much! The plot is very interesting, and it was fun getting to explore and interact with things. I've been playing visual novels lately which aren't nearly as fun as something more interactive like this. I wish it was longer though because I got super into the story and characters, but it only took me about three hours to finish. I played it in two sittings though which made it last about a day. At some point before too long I'm going to play again to get the secret ending. I'd love to see a sequel someday! It would be awesome to get to visit Atun, and for Toa to visit Earth.

I have a little suggestion for any future games you do. It would be helpful to put a fullscreen option on the menu, or to mention somewhere that F5 is the button for it. I was extremely disappointed that I couldn't play in fullscreen the entire time, and then discovered right after completing the game that I actually could have from seeing it on the guide. I only went there to see how to get the secret ending, and I'm sure a lot of other people didn't realize they had the option for it as well.

Also I was wondering if the soundtrack is available to download anywhere. I adore the music.

Thank you very much for this awesome comment!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! I feel the same way about visual novels too, oftentimes, which is why I prefer to make more interactive games like this one that have visual novel elements (like plenty of dialogue, character portraits, etc). It was short because I originally made it for a game jam, but I plan to make some longer games in the future!

I'm sorry that it was so difficult to find that fullscreen option! I'm not sure if there's any way to pop it right in the menu with the game engine I used, but I'll look into it. That seems like something that should be possible. There was a file in the game's folder that contained control instructions as well, so I'll try to make that file more obvious!

The music wasn't actually created by me (they were all purchased or royalty-free tracks) so I'm not sure if I could legally distribute the game's soundtrack. I could send you a list of all the songs I used, though, if you'd like! That way maybe you could track them down yourself. :)

You're welcome. And I look forward to your new games. ^^

Oh, I didn't look at ny folder. I'm not sure where to find it. I just remember the other controls being mentioned in the game by Irene, so an easy way to mention the fullscreen button in other games would be to have it in the beginning dilalogue.

Yes please! I would appreciate that a lot. :D

Good idea - I'll have to add it to the control blurb at the beginning of future games!

Sure thing! I'll send you a list of songs and the music packs from which I obtained them. Is there anywhere I could privately contact you when that's all finished?


I'll give you my DeviantArt, Tumblr, and email, so you can send them to whichever you prefer.




Awesome! I'll send that along asap :)

I played the demo some time ago, and felt so bad when I went back and found my old lets play of it and realised that I hadn't checked for the full release until now. Having the download finished at 4 AM didn't stop me! ^^

I loved the final game, the story and characters all being so lovable. I don't know who I relate to more! Though, I am now feeling the undeniable urge to cover myself in face paint to cosplay our lil' alien ^^

I thank you for an amazing game! 10/10, absolutely incredible and very lovable :)

Wow, thank you for leaving this fantastic comment!! This totally made my day. <3 It always makes me really happy to hear that people loved the game, and especially that the characters are relatable and lovable! 

If you do decide to cosplay Toa, I have one very important rule that you must follow: SEND LOTS OF PHOTOS!

I thank you right back for playing!! Have an awesome day!

OOH! Thank you ^^ I already have some things I could use for the cosplay and I want to perfect it, if I'm honest. Toa is so adorable, and as are Jett and Irene, I love them <3

I hope you don't mind that I found your deviantart (I was looking for Four Eyes fanart ^^ and then made some of my own), and I'll probably be posting some of the pictures there, with your permission. Perhaps a way of private messaging could be helpful for sending the rest (I spam myself with cosplay photos, I couldn't possibly post them all XD) I may try other characters too ^^

I deeply encourage future works as this one went so well and absolutely beautifully. I could play over and over! ^^ Thanks so much again :D

Awesome!!! No pressure to do it, of course, but I'd definitely freak out (in a good way) if you did. :')

I don't mind at all!! What's yours? I'd love to have a look at your fanart! You can of course post any 4E-related pictures you make - no need to ask my permission. For sure! If you'd like to message me over Twitter, Tumblr, or Deviantart, go right ahead!! If you'd prefer to email me, I also have a contact form on my website. (I just don't post my email publicly to avoid spam.)

Thank you very much!!! I'm working on a couple of other projects right now! One is a short Twine game, and one is a long-term RPG project! I hope you'll enjoy them too. <3

My lorde, sure! I've not quite finished the art yet, but I may or may not have already done my first attempt at the cosplay. I will definitely do it again soon because it was very fun. I'm hyped right now!! ::D (<--- ^////^ I like dat)

I look forward to seeing future projects ^^ (This is me ^^)

Wonderful!! I can't wait to see the artwork, and as I said already on DA, I absolutely LOVE the cosplay!!! I was so excited to see it! This is the first time anyone's ever cosplayed a character of mine, so thank you so much for doing that :')

Being a huge yaoi fan I loved this so much there was just too much fangirling. The setting, story, plot, and conflicts may all be a bit chessy but in my own opinion that made it even better and I can't wait to see any other games you make because the 2 hours I spent on your game was time well spent. Good job.

Hooray! I'm always happy to hear that fangirling happened! :) Haha, yeaaahh...I'll be the first to admit that this love story is quite a cheesy one. But hey, I guess there are folks like you and I out there who like that, so it's all good, right? Thanks so much for supporting future releases, too! <3 Have a good one!

I don't know how to finish the puzzle when they part ways bc Toa run away help

Hi there! The walkthrough might be able to help you:

Just finished this game, thought it was very sweet and enjoyed it overall! 


  1. The story is very cute
  2. It is enjoyable to watch Jett and Toa's relationship develop
  3.  There is just the right amount of seriousness and humor
  4. The dialogue and characters are realistic (especially Jett/Irene's interactions)
  5. The character portraits are well drawn


  1.  The pixel sprites aren't terribly great
  2. There seem to be a lot of non original assets used but I think that's to be expected in many RPG Maker games
  3. The puzzles in the game aren't terribly challenging but they're not exactly the focal point so all in all not a big deal
  4. The story line falls into a couple cliches (star crossed lovers/really royalty etc.) 
  5. The relationship feels a little rushed at least for how short the game is

All in all a good game though :D


A couple faults but over all an enjoyable experience.

Hey, thanks so much for all of the feedback! I'll definitely take your critiques into account for my next game - the rushed story thing in particular is one that several people have pointed out, so it's something I'm trying very hard to avoid in the future. :) (As for the star-crossed lovers and really royalty tropes...I'm actually a big fan of them, so we'll have to agree to disagree on them being a bad thing LOL.) I'll work on improving my pixel sprites too! I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed the game overall <3

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