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Hello! I really loved the game, the last time I played this was around 2018-2019? I don't exactly remember. But as always, I still love Jaemin and the game itself. I kinda find comfort in Jaemin, I really can't wait for the full game! Keep it up.  ( ̧⸝⸝⍢⸝⸝)ෆ

Hi, thank you so much for your comment! My partner and I are really touched. We both struggle with depression so Jaemin’s character came from a very personal place. We will try to finish the full version ASAP knowing there are people who relate to the story so much ❤️

No problem, take your time on the game! I think Jaemin is an amazing character, you did very good with making his character design and it makes me feel confident in myself with his acne n such! I wish you good luck!

Super glad to hear it! I struggle with acne too so I feel ya there. I’m just so happy he can help folks. :)

I LOVE THE CHARACTERS SO MUCH! The artwork is so cute and the writing is absolutely amazing. The game itself was very clean and ran super smoothly. I cannot wait for the full version!!!  

(Still can't figure out why Cyprienne is my type lol)

Thank you so much!!! We’re really glad to hear you enjoyed it! Cyprienne seems to be many people’s type, hehehe. We hope to have the full version out this summer/fall!

Omg! I can't wait!!!

I Really enjoyed the Demo and now want to play full version now

So glad to hear you enjoyed it! We're hoping to finish up the full version summer 2020 :)

Sweet looking forward to it

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I just finished the demo

I realy like the characters. Each of them is unique (and I don't mean the race). A lot colorful, interesting personalities.
Brissa is very cute and nice. She is my favourite :) 

Artstyle is good, too.

It's been long time since last time I played game about supernatural people. 

I'm waiting for more :)


Really glad to hear you liked it! Thanks for playing. We hope to have the full version done soon :)


This was so sweet! Take your time with the rest of the game, I'm sure it will be amazing. (^~ ^)


I’m so happy you liked it!! Thank you for playing our game!!! <3


Um, this was ADORABLE?????

I loved Brissa, I loved Jaemin, Cyprienne, Nicky. I literally loved all the characters we met. 

I played through Cyprienne's route first, and really loved to see the themes that route dealt with (as someone with a non-art day job with an art nighttime hobby, I very much identified with Cyprienne, haha.)

I also really liked how Bri being trans was organically brought up in the narrative, as well as Nicky's pronouns. And the town of Innisburg was so interesting! I wanted to learn more about their town! :D

This was SUCH a sweet game, I kept finding myself cheering for Bri, I wanted her to get her happy ending and be happy!!! I'm SO SO looking forward to the full release. IM... HYPED...!!!!

Also Brissa was my favorite character, I drew a picture of her :'D



I am so SO happy you enjoyed yourself and that you liked the main character so much!! :’) I’m v happy you felt that the trans rep was organic as well - that is something I strived for! We’ll try to have the full version out as soon as we can and give our sweet girl Brissa the ending she deserves (if you’re not like, a jerk lol)

Also I’m v happy a lot of the early players are going for Cyprienne cause she is my personal fav LOL. (Jaemin is Daniel’s - fun fact!)


Ahh, oh my gosh thank you so much, your art is super pretty and I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! I think fleshing out the setting, adding more places to go, and adding  more exposition on what life is like in a world of humans and monsters is something we're definitely interested in doing, and will definitely pursue for the full version!