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I just finished the demo

I realy like the characters. Each of them is unique (and I don't mean the race). A lot colorful, interesting personalities.
Brissa is very cute and nice. She is my favourite :) 

Artstyle is good, too.

It's been long time since last time I played game about supernatural people. 

I'm waiting for more :)

Really glad to hear you liked it! Thanks for playing. We hope to have the full version done soon :)


This was so sweet! Take your time with the rest of the game, I'm sure it will be amazing. (^~ ^)


I’m so happy you liked it!! Thank you for playing our game!!! <3


Um, this was ADORABLE?????

I loved Brissa, I loved Jaemin, Cyprienne, Nicky. I literally loved all the characters we met. 

I played through Cyprienne's route first, and really loved to see the themes that route dealt with (as someone with a non-art day job with an art nighttime hobby, I very much identified with Cyprienne, haha.)

I also really liked how Bri being trans was organically brought up in the narrative, as well as Nicky's pronouns. And the town of Innisburg was so interesting! I wanted to learn more about their town! :D

This was SUCH a sweet game, I kept finding myself cheering for Bri, I wanted her to get her happy ending and be happy!!! I'm SO SO looking forward to the full release. IM... HYPED...!!!!

Also Brissa was my favorite character, I drew a picture of her :'D



I am so SO happy you enjoyed yourself and that you liked the main character so much!! :’) I’m v happy you felt that the trans rep was organic as well - that is something I strived for! We’ll try to have the full version out as soon as we can and give our sweet girl Brissa the ending she deserves (if you’re not like, a jerk lol)

Also I’m v happy a lot of the early players are going for Cyprienne cause she is my personal fav LOL. (Jaemin is Daniel’s - fun fact!)


Ahh, oh my gosh thank you so much, your art is super pretty and I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! I think fleshing out the setting, adding more places to go, and adding  more exposition on what life is like in a world of humans and monsters is something we're definitely interested in doing, and will definitely pursue for the full version!